The New Year is upon us. Time to start evaluating where you are, where you want to be and work on resolutions for how to get there. Most resolutions have to do with personal development. Health, fitness, and weight loss are all high on the list, but not too many consider financial health and where 2019 might lead. Are there projects around the house you’ve been meaning to tend to? Now is the time to start a game plan for budgeting your home improvement projects.

Maintenance and Repairs

Just like for us, time also marches on for our homes as well. They age, and with age comes some degree of required maintenance. Re-grouting, replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets and knobs, cleaning the carpets, or updating light fixtures are common issues. A good strategy is to put money away on a monthly basis for these types of small projects.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding on to your home. Did your family grow? Do you need more bathrooms, bedrooms, or perhaps a “mother-in-law” suite? How about updating your landscaping with tree removal and a fire pit, or installing wheelchair ramps and handles for those with special needs? This might require a loan, but you can still be in charge. Pick someone who will work with you on financing so you can get your home improvements taken care of and stay within your budget.

We’ll Work For YOU

The Minnesota Real Estate Solution team can help you. We help by providing project management, sub-contractors, and paperwork essentials, like pulling permits. Then we stay with you every step of the way, at your own pace, until you’re satisfied. We offer constructive solutions for any project you may have around the house. Let us take the stress out of the equation. Call us at 952-353-5026.