Buying a home in an unfamiliar city is a daunting test of courage and conviction. Make sure you hire a local licensed real estate agent who can help navigate you through the process. With some planning on your part and insight from your agent, you can make good choices about your new home purchase.


St Paul and Minneapolis, also known as the Twin Cities, offer big-city attractions with Midwestern charm. Surrounded by cozy family neighborhoods, the cities have lots of appeal for families, young professionals, and retirees.  Out of 125 cities and metro areas across the US, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota ranks #9 on the US News best places to live and #70 as a great place to retire. With a variety of businesses, job opportunities, great support for the arts, shops, and entertainment, the Twin Cities have it all. If you’re about to relocate to the Twin Cities, there’s a lot of good things to look forward to when you move.


The key is to know what you want, know what’s important and what can be given up. The Twin Cities area is an excellent place to find your future home regardless of your taste or style preferences, but there are some key points to check out before committing yourself to your home purchase. Check out these tips to buying your house when relocating to the Twin Cities:


  • Convenient Location – There are many aspects of a location that can constitute convenient.  If you’ve got kids, you’ll need to have quick access to daycare, schools, and entertainment.  Local shopping, cultural centers, and recreational facilities can make a community much more inviting and convenient.



  • Commute – Whether you drive or ride to work, you’ll want to make sure your new home is within your preferred commute distance. With full schedules of bus routes and train lines, commuting from the suburbs is not uncommon.


  • Schools – Living on one side of the street or the other can be the difference between a district that provides services that your kids need or not. If you have a general idea regarding where you must commute to, try researching a few specific neighborhoods and go from there to narrow down your selections. Your real estate agent can be an immense help in this step.


  • Budget- Today, mortgage companies are not quick to approve financing for a home outside of your budget. Go into your search knowing exactly what you want to spend and how you need to handle the down payment and monthly payments.



  • Your Gut- Often a buyer says they “just knew” a house was home for them. Once you’ve whittled your list down to those few possibilities, try to imagine your family in the home. Your gut response is often a good indicator of your future happiness.



Your MN Real Estate Solutions agent specializes in home buying for the twin cities areas. If you’re relocating to the Twin Cities area soon, contact our office today.